Advanced Biofuels

Advanced biofuels are also termed as the second generation of biofuels. This variation of biofuel is produced from biomass containing, lignin, hemicellulose, and cellulose, pectin, all of which is available from agricultural, forest waste or non-food plants grown specifically grown for biofuel production. Crops for second generation biofuel are aimed to provide more fuel per unit of land and also require less energy to grow and harvest, these crops are called as energy crops. Therefore, this generation is about efficient biofuel production. Advanced biofuels also have more technical properties than previous generation biofuels and are suitable to for synthesizing biopetroleum, biojet fuel, and biobutanol. In a market report conducted, advanced biofuels production facilities worldwide have a cumulative production capacity of 2,530,000 tons per year in 2012. This sector has the potential to grow and solve our current problems with fossil fuel usage and also create several job opportunities.

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